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  item: !new! Radiolux - Magnetic Flux

In the audiovisual performances of Radiolux performing in the formation of Inka Perl, Marek Brandt and Fabian Niermann, the meeting, actions of things, as well as the sound and music in the field of improvisation come together in a strange and surprising way.

album: Radiolux "magnetic flux"
label: privatelektro [pecd013]
recorded: Buscha 11, in June 2014
mastering: Fabian Niermann / Radiolux
booklet design: Inka Perl [Inskopia]
digital distribution: Finetunes


01 Wireless 03:20
02 Kugeln googeln 05:08
03 Jazz from Hell 05:50
04 Unterwasser 09:16
05 Oh My God 05:50
06 Rotkaeppchen und die Pilze 08:08
07 Tafeldienst 08:10

limited cd release: in sealed cardboard box and 16 page printed artwork
price: 16,00 EUR
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