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  item: 33 - Debuet

CD R - 4 Tracks
Release: 2007
Germany Leipzig

"Debuet" of Leipzig Musician 33 aka Matthias Schäfer. 4 longer Tracks floating into the Ears of the Listener. Some nice Ambient Electronica - outstanding in the quality at this genre. Keywords: Dub, Downbeat, Ambient Electronica

CD comes with black printed handmade Cardsleeve with black Linen. Limited Release


1. Wie die Träume der Galaxien: 13.42 min
2. Alle unter dem Himmel: 15.49 min
3. Im Ozean der Ewigkeit: 13.33 min
4. Einen Augenblick unterwegs: 14.06 min
price: 15,00 EUR
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