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  item: Various Artists : Minority

Format: CD, Compilation
Country: Germany
Released: Dec 2006
Genre: Electronic
Style: Noise, Experimental, Ambient
Notes: Minor label compilation, 1000 pieces, foil sleeve with semi-transparent tracklist paper in it

01 Orchha Run Of Kutch (3:19)
02 0rion Sleeps (2:52)
03 K.O.T. (2) K.O.T. (Reflex 11) (6:41)
04 triPhaze Nebelboote (3:40)
05 Sound_00 Dub Autoplate 2 (3:56)
06 LXC Studendenfutter (Oh Zwei) (2:54)
07 Mr. X & Mr. T Feldforschung (7:47)
08 Floppy Miii (3:39)
09 Tlic Onyan (6:48)
10 PS Stamps Back Failure (9:06)
11 Jakin Boaz Dister (6:14)
12 Tleilaxu Music Machine, The Expectorant (4:28)
13 Myna Brochas (4:38)
14 Yvat Violet (3:09)
15 Tremor (2) Give Us 2 Minutes To Toast Your Brain (2:09)
16 Orchha Amrit Sar (1:14)

+++ Reviews +++

Ach, eigentlich ist das ja so'ne Sache... von wegen einen Plattentipp schreiben und selbst zu dem Inhalt der Silberscheibe beigetragen zu haben. Verquickung der Interessen? Mauscheleien mit sich selbst? Jawoll! Übernehmen wir die Weltherrschaft! Also. Los geht's: Das Minor-Label aus Leipzig, welches sich der ungewöhnlichen elektronischen Musik und ähnlichem verschrieben hat ("when all genres already smelt odd, minor started to track and support the worst of all: electronic underground minor logo music, and called it "noiz" to avoid discussions. tracker music was never regarded as cheap or louzy, it was style, it was a sub-culture."), hat nun stilecht zum 23. Veröffentlichungsjubiläum einen Sampler herausgebracht. Das Teil nennt sich "minority" und beinhaltet 16 Stücke.

Swuush Magazin 2007


Minorlabel have put out their 23rd release recently, which is a 16 track Various Artists compilation under the name of "Minority". With artists like triPhaze, Jakin Boaz, Tremor, LXC, Orchha, The Tleilaxu Music Machine and several others under its roof, this compilation mainly deals with styles like Dark Ambient, Experimental Electronics and more Rhythm Industrial'esque stuff for late night listening experiences. Dark sci-fi athmopsheres, alienated sound experiments, static & surface noise, psyched out frequencies and buzzing feedbacks are all to be found here and defo enjoyable for a musically trained expert used to styles like Illbient or whatever one might name it. Check.

Nitestylez.de / Magazin / April 2007
price: 7,00 EUR
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